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The Science of Intention – Can humanity save our home?

What if; a large portion of the destruction on this planet is a direct result of the level of consciousness that the majority of western society, is operating at? What if; what we are collectively experiencing is a result of our collective level of consciousness? And what if; we could increase our level of consciousness, could we then change everything we are experiencing? I say; absolutely.

Once again, we are at war with our home, we are at war with a natural cycle and some are at war with the powers that be, intentionally engineering the weather.

Personally, I see nothing but insanity – it is like watching a movie unfold but only a few know that they are acting in this movie. "All the world is a stage. All the men and women merely actors". The majority have no clue that they are even on stage. This is a reflection of the level of consciousness that we are operating at.

The thing is; science shows, we already have the answers.

Lets take for example, Lynn McTaggarts work with using intention to grow seeds and plants faster all with the power of thought, emotion and of course, intention. She continues her work but has branched out to help people heal – I continue to receive her emails that are sent worldwide and provide the evidence of our healing abilities. Not only to plants but to other beings of consciousness.

The Institute of HeartMath has over 26 years of scientific research showing that when humans get into a state of heart brain coherence, we can use our intention to shift others into coherence. Scientists define coherence as; “a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously”. Just think about that…when we are in a state of coherence, we are in the ‘ultimate physiological state’ and can shift others into this same, immune enhancing, state.

Here is the thing; HeartMath didn’t just measure the benefits to the individual, there is an abundance of evidence that shows; when we get into heart brain coherence, the effects can be measured globally when enough of us do it at the same time.

John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist who also practices meditation, explained the results of the Lebanon Peace Project stating; “there is far more evidence that meditation can turn war off like a light switch that there is evidence that Aspirin reduces headaches. It is a scientific fact”.

Not only do we have the ability to heal ourselves and others, when we practice being mindful (living in the now), feeling the emotions of love, appreciation and gratitude, this wave extends globally literally increasing the vibrating frequency of consciousness (everything). The power of our collective intention to heal ourselves, others and the planet – could we ever get to the point where enough of us have realized the truth of who we are mindfully feed the field, together?

John Hagelin also mentioned; “a thousand people can influence the behavior of a million”. Its not that our healing isn’t possible; the problem is; the truth of who we are and what we are capable of; it hasn’t spread far enough….yet. Technically, you can call this the morphic field resonance and the ‘theory’ is; there will be a tipping point but at this point, it looks like it may still be up for debate on which way it will go. This is why I say; this truly is the most exciting time to be here.

I remain forever optimistic in the power of consciousness. Everything is energy and as Joe Dispenza says; “we are living in a time in history when it is not enough to just know. We are living in a time in history when we must know how”.

Quantum physics shows; we live in a Universe where there are infinite possibilities. We are not victims of our circumstances – we are the creators of them. Everything serves a purpose. We are all contributing to the collective energy and I say; lets stop feeding the programmed insane version and start creating ours, on purpose, for the betterment of all of humanity and the place we all call home.

The only war going on right now, is a war on human consciousness.

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