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Tune In Or Be Deceived

You are here to remember who you are, what you are capable of and how you influence the reality you live in.

All of it, energy, vibrating at different frequencies. There is NOTHING else.

Think about this....I mean REALLY sit with it. Energetic beings living in an energetic, holographic, video-game reality.

It has taken lifetimes to get Humanity to this point. Lifetimes of deleting consciousness. Lifetimes of gaslighting and manipulation - all so you don't remember.

So do the one thing they don't want you to; go within.

Even those who *think* they know - if you have not figured out the why behind the illusion, you are missing the how part of ending it.

If their "solutions" don't include consciousness, they are not giving solutions - only more hamster on the hamster wheel.

The Great Awakening is remembering who tf you are, not continuing the same fuckery that got us here.

Made in the image of God - its time to start acting like it. It is time to learn how humans function, most importantly, how your thoughts become things. It is time to fill yourself up with knowledge of self - this will empower you, exactly what the narcissists fear most.

Tune in or continue to be deceived.

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