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The Narcissists Live Below the Veil of Consciousness

The narcissists; they really are, something else. The covert ones, they do show themselves but unless you *really* see them, they will take you on a ride and play you like a fiddle.

They are everywhere - in your family (generational), they are at work, they are in the movements and they are the psychopaths driving the largest gaslighting campaign ever seen.

These things; they do not feel love - this, is impossible. They play like they do but if you pay attention, their words do not match their actions.

The narcissists and the empaths are the main players in this battle on and for consciousness.

The narcissists job is to keep you living below the veil of consciousness. Their main target are the empaths, the ones who love too much, even at the expense of themselves because it is them, the ones who have the capacity to feel so deeply, that are here to raise the frequency of change this upside down version of reality.

If you want to keep it simple, just ask yourself, what level of consciousness are they operating from.

We are made in the image of God. The one you have been waiting for? It's you. Remain above the veil, Empaths. Don't be giving your power away to anyone who lives in force. The veil is lifting....your armor, is love.

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