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Just. Think.

I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I am simply saying; just. think.

Just think for yourself, this alone would change everything. Every human has a different perspective of this reality - every. single. one. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself; what do I believe to be true and why do I believe it is true? Clearly, not enough have.

The subconscious mind; it is a record of everything we have ever seen, heard, read, felt - it is every experience we have ever had. It is so powerful, that it processes 40 million bits of information per second. In other words, it stores information that you are not even consciously aware of. So, what you believe to be true, has been influenced by things you are not even aware of. If you are not consciously programming your mind, guaranteed, someone else is programming it for you.

The conscious mind on the other hand, this is the mind you shift into when you are aware and present. Like when you are getting ready for a date - you are making conscious choices. Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it "the honeymoon effect" - when we are in a new relationship and wanting to put forth your best self, you feel heightened emotions of love and excitement but months maybe years later, the honeymoon effect starts to ware off and we slip back into the subconscious program. We go back to playing the program of who we were taught to be.

Statistically speaking, 90%* of the population lives from their subconscious program, 95-99% of the time. Just stop and think about that. Look at what Humanity has become and think about that. The majority of the population are living from their programmed minds - they are doing what they have been programmed to do and the really messed up part about it all? They don't even know it. How could they? I know I didn't. The majority of my life, I had no idea - I trusted too much and questioned too little.

What I know to be true now, is a whole different reality. What I know for sure is; the quantum version of reality is pretty much opposite of the how the majority live. Quantum science shows that; Humans have the ability to heal themselves, to help heal others and to literally influence the world around them and we do it with with; thoughts and emotions or, energy in motion.

Everything is energy and matter, in the strictest construct of the word, does not exist. You and everything else you see, is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

What you think, is based on what you believe. So I ask again, what do you believe to be true? It is easy to see - just look at what you are creating. What must you believe to be true to be creating what you are creating? On average, Humans think 60-70,000 thoughts per day and when you operate from the subconscious program, you are thinking the same thoughts that are stored in your program.

As a man thinketh, so he becomes - this information is nothing new but we are living in a time when it is more pertinent than ever, that we start thinking and feeling, consciously. Deliberately. On purpose.

Just. Think. This is my message to every brother and sister out there. Open your mind to the possibility that there is much more going down on this planet than we have been programmed to believe. From my perspective, we already have the answers, we just need more to tap into them. Everything that the program is wanting you to believe, none of it feels good, right? The fear, the dwindling freedoms and worse; the inhumane way of life that is being forced on the masses.

Just. Think. Think for yourself. Expand your perception. Cause when you dig deep, this is when everything will change. Be the change. Scientifically speaking, when your thoughts and emotions are vibrating at the frequency of love or above, that energy, spreads globally. This is the quantum truth of this reality - this is the truth that the program is so desperately trying to hide. My perception? We are seeing The Greatest Deception meet The Great Awakening and if you want to be resilient; you must learn to master your mind and think.

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