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Interpreting Energy - It is an interesting thing....

Interpreting energy, it is an interesting thing. Scientifically speaking, your intuition speaks to you long before you listen. It picks up on a multitude of different things, some, seemingly out of nowhere.

We live in an infinite field of information and we have the ability to tune into different fields, to download what is needed to mindfully guide us through this energetic, holographic video game called life.

The more you do it, the more you tune into higher states of consciousness and open yourself up to a two-way conversation, you become a glitch in the matrix. It's tapping into the cheat codes and speed tracking your way to the next level. And with each level you advance to, your armor and your superpowers increase.

You take back what was rightfully yours from the start of the game. That which was hidden from you through deception, gaslighting and cheat codes. Your connection to your guidance system, it was poisoned, programmed and through trauma, disconnected.

Which is why, now is absolutely the most amazing time to be here, experiencing the greatest time in history.....the Humans are reconnecting. They are advancing to higher states of consciousness and they are seeing the game as it truly is. They are remembering and tuning in, more often. They are, the glitches that are creating waves throughout all of consciousness, waking up the others.

We are living in a time in history when the programmed version of reality has never been more blatantly obvious. What was hidden, is being shown. The humans, those who realize who they are and the power of their emotions, those who are conscious that they are spirit in physical form; we connect through unseen forces and together, we are unstoppable.

Mindfulness is moving through reality, consciously. Your thoughts + emotions are your remote control. What you focus on, becomes. No Human exempt. Take back your powers, be mindful and contribute your energy to creating what you do want to see.

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