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Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is more prevalent than many could even fathom. The first seven years of life, humans download an operating system than is intended to serve them for the rest of their life.

Question is, what was downloaded into you? What beliefs did another give you that came from their trauma, but are preventing you from living your best life?

Not good enough, not worthy or deserving, not whatever enough - all of it, but the continual dismantling of consciousness.

Until you decide that you want more, until you decide to look, until you decide to heal what happened to you, you will remain the same.

But when you do choose to dig deep and delete the b.s., you will see that none of it was yours to own. It's taking back what was always yours....a life to experience what it means to be a soul having a Human experience, absolutely perfect, absolutely magnificent, absolute perfection. Every. Single. One of us.

Turn off the matrix, tune into consciousness and watch your "physical" reality, shift accordingly. There is no other way. Your energy, determines everything. Use it deliberately.

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