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What program are you running?

Every single one of us has been programmed since birth (technically, it started lifetimes before this one – fear changes DNA but for the sake of this rant we will keep it simple). During the first seven years of life, we are essentially downloading a program that will serve us for life. In this program is everything you have ever experienced or been taught, stored in your subconscious mind.

Question is; what has Western society been programmed with?

If you look at us collectively, statistically speaking, a minimum of 70% of the 60-70,000 thoughts we think are negative. 90+% of the people operate from their subconscious program 95-99% of the time. Since your subconscious mind is a storage drive for everything that has already happened, it is replaying the same program. In other words, the masses are on autopilot – they are thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions, day in and day out. This is why they have been referred to as “sheeple” that are “sleeping”.

What is the program you are running? Just ask yourself what you are feeding your subconscious. Think about this; it is so powerful that it processes 40 million bits of information per second. There is stuff going in there that the conscious mind wouldn’t even see as it processes 40 bits of information per second.

I was programmed – absolutely I was and the crazy thing is; I didn’t see anything that made me question what I was programmed to believed. I just went along, did want I was taught, became who I was told to be and did what I thought I was suppose to be doing in order to fit in – it is something that everyone wants. To love and be loved.

I would consider myself addicted to information – I am a hardcore researcher and when I find information that shifts my perspective so profoundly, my heart pounds as I put together the pieces of who we are.

Quantum physics – it has been referred to as “the most relevant science on the planet right now” and it is nothing less than life changing….there is not a word available to explain how profoundly this science changes everything . EVERYTHING. Who we are, at the very core, the smallest version – is pure Genius. What we are capable of – would be unfathomable to many. What we have been programmed to believe is polar opposite of what quantum physic’s is showing us.

The masses have been taught that we live in a physical universe, we are random, life happens to us. The programmed reality – it is the “system”. You know, the media feeding the subconscious, Hollywood is jam packed with manipulating the mind and of course, there is the world stage. The quote; “All the world is a stage. All the men and women merely actors” – when view all of it (The Observers Perspective) – this is exactly what I see. Only problem is; 90+% of the men and women have no idea what is going on – they have been programmed to live in the material world.

My perspective of this world now?

I will try to sum this up in a neat little package without too much explaining. If you see something that sticks out; it is your intuition telling you to do your own research. Thinking critically means looking at all perspectives, even when it feels uncomfortable. What I can tell you is; you are here to do more than work, buy a house, have a family, invest, pay taxes and die. Oh no – if you are still reading this; you are here to do way more.

So at this point in time I see a up rise – a battle between the light and the dark to sum it up. Humanity has been deeply programmed and they don’t even know they are programmed.

Basic quantum physics says; everything is energy. You are 99.999999999999% energy. “Matter, in the strictest construct of the word, does not exist”. The double slit experiment, also known as “the experiment that broke reality” and still considered to be “the measurement problem”; shows that the Observer creates reality and we do it through the vibrational frequency we create with our thoughts and emotions.

So if 90+% of Western society is living 95% of the time replaying what is in their subconscious program – what happens when more people start to live from their conscious mind? You see; this is where your magic is – living in the present moment, mastering or thinking or focusing your thoughts – purposely managing your vibrational frequency in order to create the reality you want to see.

The current show playing on the world stage – it certainly is turning up the fear, would you not say? I believe that everything serves its purpose and there will be a tipping point (see morphic field resonance). When I say; the light and the dark it also refers to; living consciously vs living programmed, purposely creating or creating what they programmed you to create. Make no mistake about it; this is a war on consciousness.

There is a plethora of scientific data – “hard science” that says; we can change this. Not only that; it would take 1% to do it – I like to think of it as the New 1%.

The Lebanon Peace Project, The Global Coherence Initiative, The Institute of HeartMath - they all show that when we come together and vibrate at the frequency of love and use our intent – we have the power to change the behavior of millions. This is what the program fears most – humanity living coherently.

What the program has programmed us with is the belief that we should all be the same until we are, we must hurt each other – we are instilled with fear and anger. Scientifically speaking; what vibration is this contributing to? Not only do we hurt ourselves, we hurt all of humanity. Living in the vibration of fear and anger turn off all systems in your body that are not required to “fight or flight”.

What if we could shift our perspective; consider what the quantum world, the world we can not see with our human eyes – 99% of what is going on, to be precise. If you look at the visible light spectrum, we see 1%. Just think about that.

If you could walk through this world seeing others on a quantum scale, you’d see light emitting light or biophotons. You could see the ones who were sick – their light would be incoherent, perhaps not even shining at all. And those who are thinking and feeling at higher frequencies; they would be bright with the ability to share their light with others to help them heal.

Looking at life from a quantum perspective – we are all connected by a field of energy (plasma). We represent the health of humanity. Think of it this way; there are 50 trillion cells in your body – when they are in a loving environment, they work coherently together. It is when they fight that there is a physical manifestation. Now think of this planet as the same – if we want to heal it and humanity, we must come together and work coherently, purposely healing ourselves, so we have more light to share with our environment. Heal yourself, heal humanity.

We can choose to wake up while we still have time to play our part on purpose or we can wait till it is time to leave the physical body – either way; we all will wake up. (There is a quote that hit me; “Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” From my perspective, what we have been taught about death is upside down and based on, yet again, fear.)

Remember you’re magic. Remember your magic. The Universe can only respond to the frequency you are offering – be mindful, speak with the frequency you wish to create. It is powerful enough to shift thousands of others and this is exactly what all of consciousness needs most. Love.

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