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We see less than 1% of what is going on

Humans see waaaay less than 1% of the visible light spectrum but if we could see more, we'd see each other as light. Some so bright you couldn't even see and others so dim you can see they need more. This is us, Human. This is the quantum version of us when you look at the very smallest version.

When you live in a state of heart brain coherence, your light grows. When you live in a state of fear, you dim your light. Pretty simple, right?

Here is the really cool thing that we can also do - we can use intent and share our light. Those who live in coherence, can quite literally, use intention and send their energy to another Human, animal, tree, flower or water - everything is energy and we have the ability to influence it.

We are more powerful than we have been programmed to believe. Know thyself; Genius Creator.

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