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Workshops & Training

Workshops and training are offered to individuals or groups, in person or via zoom. If you would like a quote, please contact the project and include as much detail as possible (number of participants, location, date and time).

Mindfulness, Quantum Reality & How to Be Resilient Through Challenging Times

This one workshop is enough to shift your perspective and empower you to live more mindfully. You can expect:

  • To shift into a quantum perspective of your reality and learn how powerful your thoughts and emotions are,

  • How your thoughts and emotions are reflected above, in your "physical" reality, and below, in your "physical" body,

  • To learn how to become the master of your autonomic nervous system and masterfully bring all of the systems in your body into coherence (also considered "the ultimate physiological state" that one can be in),

  • Learn to tune into your intuition, on demand,

  • How to become the master of your thoughts, instead of letting them master you,

  • And much more - the intention is to shift your perspective and empower you to live your life on purpose. 

Brain and heart coherence biofeedback training is an ideal add on to this service. 

Mindfulness & Heart Brain Coherence Training 

This workshop will provide the fundamentals to create a more coherent workplace with tools that will enhance the lives of those who practice them, both personally and professionally. Imagine a team that is in sync and allowing creativity, enhanced cognition and collaboration that flows. 

Individual brain and heart coherence biofeedback training is an ideal add on to this service (for small groups).

For an accurate quote, please choose duration of workshop and the number of participants along with any pertinent details and/or requests. 

Supernova Empath Training

This training is offered to individuals and groups, intended to take you to deeper levels of awareness. In this one day workshop, we will take a step out of the programmed version of reality and look at what got us, to where we are now. This hands on workshop will arm you with knowledge including;

  • The narcissists and empaths - lets take a step back and see a bigger picture. This is must have knowledge for all Empaths. "When you know your enemy and you know thyself, a hundred battles you need not fear", The Art of War. Because not seeing them, is not seeing what is attempting to prevent the evolution of consciousness - above and below.                                                          

  • Complex/childhood trauma - how it changes us, how we can heal from it including reprogramming your subconscious mind, how to take back your energy with tools that you can implement immediately so you may step back into your power.

  • Mindfulness with tools to help you become the master of your mind, instead of letting it master you.

  • Quantum reality, what it shows you are truly capable of and how to turn this knowledge, into power. 

  • Must have tools for every empath including brain and heart coherence biofeedback before and after training,

  • Workshop includes energy modalities that will benefit you after the workshop along with tools and resources intended to assist you with evolving your consciousness into higher states, more often.

Power of 8 Intention Session

Based on the work of Lynn McTaggart, this powerful session will focus on the basics of quantum reality, the power of intention and then we will put the knowledge, into practice. When two or more gather, the energy work we do together is intensified. According to Lynn's experiment, the magic number is 8. Scientifically speaking, as you will find out more in this session, the power of group focus with mindful use of energy, has the potential to change everything.

Heart brain coherence biofeedback is included for all participants in this offering. 

Energy Medicine

You can expect to learn the basics of quantum reality that make energy medicine, just make sense. You can expect to learn more about the following modalities:

  • Brain and Heart Coherence

  • Psych-K 

  • Biofield Tuning

  • Sonopuncture

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Biochemic Prescribing

  • Kinesiology

  • Reiki

 Workshops and training are tailored to the duration and number of participants.  Please get in touch for more information. 

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