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Mindfulness; it has the potential to change everything.

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Heart brain coherence; a state of being with side effects that include:

  • Mastering the autonomic nervous system, increasing immune function. According to HeartMath research, when we are in a state of coherence, we can shift others into coherence. We have the ability to heal ourselves and others and distance is not a factor

  • Turn up the production of DHEA, also known as the youth hormone

  • Increase cognition decreased depression and anxiety

  • Access to higher levels of consciousness including intuition, you know, access to information previously thought unknown

  • Strengthen energy field around the body (biofield)

  • When more of us maintain this state, we create social and global coherence.

It is considered "the ultimate physiological state" and when many of us do this more often, we can "turn war off like a light switch", "a thousand people can influence the behavior of millions - this is a scientific fact", John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist.

The Science of Mindfulness

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