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From Pride to Courage - Times of Change

The Universe always shows me the science behind everything my intuition leads me to. After becoming a Psych-K Facilitator (uninstalling and reinstalling subconscious programs using kinesiology and whole brain processes) - I was lead this this book, Power vs Force. First I listened to the author read it but knew I needed the hard copy.

Let me paint a picture for you. Everything is energy, this is the basic principal of quantum physics. Energy vibrates at different frequencies - when we change our thoughts and emotions, when we live mindfully choosing, we can intentionally live or vibrate at different levels of consciousness. We are all already doing it - Mindfulness is doing it on purpose.

Individually we contribute to the overall level of consciousness of humanity as a whole. A calibration of 150 is pride and 200 is courage.

"The collective level of consciousness of mankind remained at 190 for many centuries and, curiously, only jumped to its current 204 within the last decade." While this may seem like a small jump, going from pride to courage is profound. We have moved from force to Power, from falsehood to truth.

I can see it everywhere and when I shift into an Observers perspective, my heart pounds....this is a time in history that the unfathomable will be made visible for all. Both the light and the dark.

One person can shift thousands - be mindful, not only do your thoughts and emotions create your reality, they also contribute to the collective. This, is how powerful we are.

Stephanie Escott The Science of Mindfulness

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