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Do you know how powerful you are???

Quantum reality: e=mc2, everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. We are energetic beings, living in an energetic, holographic, video-game reality.

You. Create. It alll. And you do it with your emotions - everything is a reflection of your energy.

The only place you can do it deliberately, is in the present moment, guiding your thoughts to what you do want to create. Intentionally feeling the emotions, is intentionally living in this video-game reality.

When you are in a state of coherence, you are able to tune into different information in the quantum field. You can ask or your can deliberately, intentionally

manifest - the point is, to become the master of your mind, instead of letting the subconscious, repeat programming, create your reality for you.

"We are living in a time in history when it is not enough to just know. We are living in a time in history when we must know how" , Joe Dispenza.

When you live in the frequency of love, you can tune in and have a two way conversation with consciousness - ask, quiet the mind and listen - download whatever you need to know. But you must quiet the subconscious in order to hear and when you do this more often, not only will your reality shift to reflect the same, that love travels through the quantum field, shifting all of consciousness.

Scientifically speaking, when more of us do this more often, we will change everything. Some say, we could do it in a day.

Do you know how frickin powerful we are??? Truth is, the human mind cannot even comprehend it.

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