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Dear Empath

Dear Empaths,

It is time to step up to the plate, Love. It is time to call all of the lessons learned over lifetimes, back to who you are now. It is time to step into the Light and stand in your power, dear one. It is time for you to elevate your consciousness and stay there, in your power, in your knowing and do what you came here to do.

Don't you for one more second, allow what is outside of you, to shift what is inside. Remember, Love - it is all but a dream and you are the one who determines what you dream....

You have tools to bring you into the present moment, into the only place where you can intentionally, influence energy. Breathe Love....5 in, 5 out and demand that the busy subconscious who has been running the show, demand that it shhhhh and do the counting, 5 in, 5 out.

Focus on your heart and will find your alignment in the frequency of love. Find your way there - with each breath in, call in the light to your heart until your whole body is tingling.

With each breath out send that love throughout your home, to every being, with the intention of shifting them into coherence with you. With each exhale, extend that light and the frequency of love until you encompass all of consciousness.

Scientifically speaking, every Empath has the ability to not only heal themselves, but to contribute to uplifting all of Humanity into higher states of consciousness. One Empath, in the state of love, counterbalances 750,000 others who are living below the veil of consciousness. With 7.9 billion cells living in this body of consciousness, it would take very few of us to change everything.

So I ask you, dear Empath, to choose to live from your Warrior perspective, in your power - the present moment, intentionally influencing energy. Nuf of the programmed bs fuckery. Its time to be the glitch in this energetic, holographic, video-game reality.

Re-member, Love - sending you so much of it. xo

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