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Empowering Empaths

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge of self, is self-empowerment.

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals. They have the ability to tune into the emotions of others, near or far, they can sense subtle shifts in the environment and ultimately, they can feel shifts in the collective consciousness. 

Many Empaths have been fine tuning their skills, many unknowingly, since childhood. They are the ones who love so much, even at the expense of themselves, many being gaslighted by narcissists to be less than what they are capable of. The veil is lifting and these magnetic, toxic relationships are finally being acknowledged by revolutionary professionals. Once you shift your perspective, you are able to take back and step into your power. 


A quantum perspective: the Empaths are the ones who are here to change everything. They are the ones who feel love and scientifically speaking, love is the frequency that shifts Humanity and ultimately, all of consciousness.


Each week we will cover new information specific to where you are, and where you'd like to go. A combination of information, with tools to assist you to tune into higher states of consciousness, more often, deleting outdated programming that no longer serves you. The intention is, to heal from the past and tune back into who you came here to be. 

Base Package, 4 weeks, 1.5 hr/session/week, $425

First time clients, please contact me to set up a no-obligation 30 minute consultation. 

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