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The Battle for Your Energy

Quantum reality: we are energetic beings, living in an energetic, holographic, video-game reality.

The name of the game is: The Battle On and for Consciousness

We have the light, aka The Empaths. And the dark, aka The narcissists.

The battle is for your energy - your emotions, your energy/consciousness, in motion.

The narcissists role: to keep the Empaths living below the veil of consciousness where their power/energy is taken from them.

The Empaths role: to live in higher frequencies, in higher states of consciousness, in love or above because when they do, they tune into the truth of who they are, they reconnect themselves to the motherboard and they delete the program that the narcissists built - they become the glitch in the video-game.

Consciousness is rising, make no mistake about that and it didn't just start. What you are feeling now, the frequencies that are penetrating every single one of us - this wave started decades ago and it is only speeding up. Along with the time it takes to see your thoughts, turn into things.

Be mindful, Love. The psychopathic narcissists are everywhere - in your family, in your "friends", in the movements and they are the ones gave themselves titles of "authority". The thing about the narcissists is; they do not have the ability to manifest their own reality - they had to gaslight and program Humanity to create what they wanted to see.

Call it quits with the narcissists - stop giving them your energy. Whether you love them or hate them; they do not care - as long as you are giving them your energy instead of using it to create your own reality and what YOU DO want to see.

It is time to make the conscious choice to BE the change you want to see - you must live in that frequency. Be mindful. Focus on what you do want to see. Feel your emotions intentionally. This is how we influence the "physical" reality. We feel love.....simple.

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