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Scientifically Speaking, Love is the Answer - #QuantumReality

Too many underestimate the frequency of love - this is because, not all have the capacity to feel


The narcissists; if you step back far enough you will find them at the root of each and every situation that you, Empaths, Light Workers, Warriors, could not even imagine doing unto another.

If you look at this reality from a quantum perspective, you would see nothing but light.

You'd see those who didn't shine and those who shine so bright, it would be blinding.

The battle you see, it is nothing but light, wanting to expand with very little dark, trying to put it the light out.

The dark, it has no real power but over lifetimes, it has slowly used force, to diminish the light.

But then power, overcame the force - it was a tipping point that went unacknowledged. But there was no stopping the started to spread and there was nothing that could stop it.

Nothing that can stop it. It is inevitable.

But we are at the fork in the road that each light must make a choice.

You can choose to keep your light in the dark and live below the veil of consciousness.

Or you can choose to pour gas on it and be the fire that no darkness could put out.

Every second of every day, you are choosing your reality and what you contribute collectively.

We came here to evolve - not to repeat.

When one chooses love, they influence hundreds of thousands to do the same. This is why they are getting so loud.....they want to stop it. The battle is for your consciousness, to keep you in a frequency where you can't connect to who you really are.

Be mindful, Love. Choose to master your mind/frequency, despite what they want you to believe.

Scientifically speaking, when more of us do this deliberately, at the same time, with the same intention - we. change. everything. There is no other way.

Never underestimate the power of love - so powerful, your mind cannot even comprehend.

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