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Dear Empaths...

Oh Love....all of it was put there so you wouldn't find your way back. The programmed reality, they did this deliberately. They had to. If they didn't, we would have created heaven on Earth, somewhere they couldn't survive.

The quantum version of reality, the very smallest measurement of this reality we alll live in, it paints a much different picture of who we are and what we are capable of. Energy, vibrating at different frequencies with infinite possibility.

Want to see what lies within? Want to comprehend why they do what they do? Want to become the powerhouse you came here to be?

Be mindful. Become the master of your thoughts. Focus. Tune into your frequency, your energy and use it. Your intentions, they are your super power. Use them. Let your emotions be your guide. Tune into them and shift your perspective accordingly. We are not victims. We are Creators. We are masterpieces. We are, after all, individual pieces of the whole. All that is, all that ever has been, all that ever will be.

Bring yourself back to love. This is how you become a glitch in this energetic, holographic video game. You choose to vibrate love, above all. So's the programming that creates the illusion that we need to do something else.

Quantum reality: one Human living in the state of love, counterbalance 750,000 who live below the veil of consciousness. This, is the power of love. Everything else, is an illusion. And it all starts with you, remembering who you are....Love. xo

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