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"The future of medicine will be frequency medicine." Einstein.

The future is now.

Services listed below are used in conjunction with mentoring clients only. If you would like to learn more about the modalities listed below, workshops are available. Energy medicine is intended to assist in healing and aligning the energetic body however, addressing the root cause of the dis-ease is part of healing. Physical manifestations tell a story of energy that has no where to go. It is unaddressed and/or unprocessed emotions (energy in motion). Everything is energy - if you want something to change, you must change the energy. When we heal trauma, we can let go of the story and tune into possibility.

  • Biofeedback Training - Brain and heart coherence - when you fully comprehend the power of being in a state of brain and heart coherence, you will agree, this by far is the most impactful tool every human should have. You can expect to learn more and to see on a screen what happens when you live mindfully and when you let your subconscious mind run the show. This quite literally will become what makes you resilient - it will change not only your life, but the lives of those around you. 


  • Psych-K Facilitation - The majority of the population lives from their subconscious, programmed mind, 95-99% of the time - think auto pilot, the same thoughts, same emotions, creating the same reality, day in and day out. Of the 60-70,000 thoughts we think per day, a minimum of 70% are negative. But like computers, we can delete the outdated programs and reinstall your original operating system that says; you can be, do and have anything you feel passionately about. Psych-K can help in that process. Here is an excellent video where Bruce Lipton speaks more about Psych-K.


  • Biofield Tuning - Every human has a biofield, a 'life' field of energy around them. As we move through life, trauma or challenging events can cause dissonance in the field. Think of it as energy that should be in the body, that is out of alignment and stuck in the biofield. Interestingly enough, this modality can give an approximate age as well as things that may have contributed to the imbalance. The energy, with the use of frequencies, can be moved back into the appropriate chakra. It doesn't take away the experience, but it can lesson the emotional response to it.


  • Sonopuncture - Like acupuncture, except frequency instead of needles. I like to think of it like this; dis-ease is congested energy, a weighted tuning fork helps to dissipate the energy and bring the cells into coherence, vibrating at the same frequency. I like to use this method for aligning chakras, including the pineal gland and the crown. Used in conjunction with the client practicing brain and heart coherence will ignite the immune system and create coherence within the body. ​​​​

We may incorporate the following modalities (using kinesiology to assist):

  • Flower Essence Therapy -  Diluted in quartz infused water, essences focuses on emotions as well as the five elements of creation, water, air, fire, metal, wood and when needed, kinesiology is incorporated to determine appropriate tincture. 

  • Essential Oils/Aroma Therapy - When you think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration and every emotion (energy in motion) has a frequency, we can use different oils to address different emotional imbalances and different brain conditions such as; anxiety, fear, panic, depression, etc. Oils may be diffused during session (if sensitive to scents, please advise). Take home 'rollies' that can be used topically are available - cost dependent on oils needed - please advise in advance if this is something you would like to look at. ​​

  • (Tesla) Violet Ray Device - Made in the early 1900's, this device essentially pumps oxygen throughout the body with a 'vacuum' attachment or can be used to focus on specific body parts with blown glass attachments. 

  • Biochemical Prescribing - Based on Dr. Schuessler's work, we may use kinesiology to prescribe cell salts. Every human body is made of 12 basic cell salts, each one has specific aliments they address. This work was predominantly used in the early 1900's. 

  • Rife Frequency Generator - After much due diligence, I invested in what I believe to be the most powerful Rife machine available. Quantum reality shows that everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Dr. Rife found that every "physical" aliment also vibrated at different frequencies. Just like an opera singer can break a glass, different frequencies can do the same to different aliments. 

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