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For over 10 years I have been on what I refer to as, "the never ending evolution of self". After an experience that completely transformed my perception of reality, I have been going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole, trying to make sense of this experience. What I offer now, is to help others 'wake up' in the dream to discover their inherent abilities, and learn to use them intentionally.

Training over the years includes:

- HeartMath Mentor 

- Psych-K Facilitator

- Mindful Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

- Reiki Practitioner, Biochemic Prescriber, Energy Medicine Practitioner

I teach The Science of Mindfulness, with a focus on the quantum version of this reality, knowing that with knowledge, comes the power to transform.  When you comprehend the power of your thoughts and emotions, combined with the tools to reprogram your mind - you will have what is needed to change your reality.

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