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Thank you for your interest in learning more. My name is Stephanie, online I go by Perception Shifter.

In 2014 I experienced a massive shift in consciousness and since then, I have been on what I refer to as; the never ending evolution of self. I became addicted to information and questioning everything, I started tuning into intuition and letting it lead the way, and I started decoding reality including my own programming and shifting it accordingly.

I studied with The HeartMath Institute as a Coach/Mentor and at the core of this work, is brain and heart coherence. This one tool, has the potential to not only shift an individual, but the science shows, this is the state that contributes to transforming all of Humanity. This one tool creates not only biological changes, but as well, it creates a shift in the quantum field with the potential to "turn war off like a light switch".

To reprogram my subconscious mind and the beliefs that no longer served me, I became a Psych-K Facilitator. During the training, I experienced another massive shift that years later, is still unfolding. Using kinesiology to communicate with the subconscious mind has also been beneficial in working with energy medicine modalities.

My journey included a massive amount of training with various revolutionary professionals, to learn and heal from complex childhood trauma, specifically narcissistic abuse. Now, I help others who are being psychologically manipulated, to see the game and to play it knowingly. When I finally saw the 'world of narcissists and empaths' for what it really is, everything changed for me. Hands down, this is must know information for those who consider themselves empathic - it is a game changer.

Over the years, I have shifted from living unaware, to living mindfully. I went from thinking everything is physical and life happens to me, to everything is energy, learning to use it intentionally, becoming a master of my mind, instead of letting it master me. This work has shifted my entire reality and now I help others to do the same. We are not victims, we are the creators of it all. Now, its time to evolve humanity into the next level of consciousness. When one shifts, it contributes to shifting the whole. What a time to be here.

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