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Walk away from what insults your soul

Every time you walk away from what insults your soul, you take back pieces of your power.

In this energetic,

holographic, video-game reality, your magic wand is your love, you direct it with your intention.

If every Human did this, it would radically shift consciousness.

Scientifically speaking, one Human living in a state of love, counterbalance 750,000 others, living in the vibration of fear.

Do the math: 7.8 billion cells in this body of consciousness, each resonating at their own frequency. But it takes just a few, to fuel the immune system of Humanity - it is a frequency the parasites cannot survive, let alone thrive.

Everything you see, is nothing but energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Those who see the matrix, it's time to come fully back online and play your part on purpose.

Be mindful of your emotions - the quality of them, determines the quality of your reality.

No Human exempt.

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