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The Program Was Designed to Create Your Reality for You

The program was designed to shape your perception for you. It was created to keep you living below the veil of consciousness, unaware of who you are and what you are doing.

Quantum reality; what you believe, is what you will see. The key is, to look at what you believe to be true, expand your perception, delete what no longer serves you and evolve accordingly.

We are all programmed, the question is, what program is dictating your reality?

Your emotions are your energy, in motion. As above, so below. The trillions of cells in your body respond and resonate at the same frequencies, as does the quantum field around you. Like frequencies attract like frequencies.

When you comprehend the influence your energy has in this energetic, holographic video game we all live in, it empowers you to overstand the importance of them....they influence EVERYTHING.

Emotional intelligence comes with mindfulness. It is The choosing to navigate through this reality, more deliberately. Choosing to invest your energy instead of allowing others to dictate it for you.

Consciousness is always expanding...we have the choice to do the same. You become the master that you are when you choose to master your thoughts + emotions.

Breathe.....start with mindfully coming back to your breathe and choose your perception from the powerhouse creator that you are, not from the victim perception that the program has programmed the masses to live in.

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