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Commit to You

Commit to you. This is your journey after all. When you choose love, no matter what, when you choose to shift into the perspective of growth, of learning and comprehending that it is all meant to help you, become the warrior that you know you are 'deep down' - this is when everything changes.

Quantum reality; we create it all. Create from love. Always in all ways.

Love is your base frequency. When you don't feel good, mindfully bring yourself back to your base frequency and perceive from there. Anything else is lowering yourself and contributing to the programmed version of reality.

This is how we change the quantum field and everything around us - we remain in the light and we spread that love everywhere. Rise up Empaths. Walk away from anything that doesn't align with who you inherently are. The days of giving away your life force energy to narcissistic psychopaths, are over.

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