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Choose to Love You - Always, in All Ways

It is never a good time to accept abuse from others. I did it though, I accepted so much less than what I gave, than what I deserved. It is what empaths do. We love others, even at the expense of ourselves.

Until I realized that everything is energy and that energy, is my currency.

It may not be easy but we are at the part in this energetic, holographic, video-game reality, when the Empaths are being called to step into their love and stay there, for the sake of all.

Step into your love and live there and when they come to take you out, come to demand your energy, come to take you out of that frequency - choose you.

Choose to give yourself the love instead. Choose to listen to your soul that says; don't go down there, Love, that's not where you belong.

Love. It is the force that transforms, the energy that shifts everything, it is your base frequency, it is; all that is, all that ever has been, all that ever will be. It is you and you, deserve exactly what you give.

Abuse is what got us here - it is Love is what will rise us above. Choose love, no matter what. Choose to love yourself enough to walk away from what doesn't serve you. Choose you.

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