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Mindfulness for Youth

Tools for transformation that last a lifetime.

Now, more than ever, the youth need tools.  Most have never been taught now their minds work, let alone, how to manage their own mind.  

Heart brain coherence is a tool that would benefit every human but for a child to learn how to manage their thoughts and choose their emotions, is a life changer. Using a biofeedback device, the individual can see the shifts in their thoughts and emotions on a screen, allowing them to visually see and match that with the feeling, to help them identify, comprehend and process challenging situations. 

This service combines 'quantum reality' education, mindfulness tools and mentoring.  Having taught psychology at a local college, I noticed that it is the youth that are most impacted by quantum reality and mindfulness work which is exactly why this service has been added. 

Ideally, online or in person meetings are once/week for a minimum 4 weeks in order to have time to implement the tools for transformation and have support while doing so. 

In-Person Sessions: 1 hour, $75

Individual zoom sessions: 45 min, $65

For 4 week, 6 week or 8 week packages, or two or more people, please contact me for more information.

Visit The HeartMath Institute for more information and research. 
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