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Evolving Consciousness
Mindset Mentoring

Scientifically speaking, if you want to change your life, you must first change your mind. Knowing how this reality functions and the power of your thoughts and emotions, is the first step to changing what you see. Knowing how your mind works, along with tools to reprogram it, will empower you to become more mindful, more of the time, especially when you see the changes in your "physical" reality. 

We will get to the root of what is holding you back, focusing on decoding your reality and exploring;

  • The subconscious vs conscious mind,

  • The world of narcissists and empaths,

  • Complex childhood trauma,

  • Healing from traumatic and/or challenging events,

  • Consciousness and navigating reality.

When you make the changes, you will see the results - scientifically speaking, there is no other way. The only person who can change your life, is you. And the only way you can know for sure, is to do the work. I can show you the way, but ultimately - you are the creator of it all. 

If you are ready to expand your perception of possibility and let go of who you were programmed to be, and create a new reality, I welcome you to get in touch to book a no-obligation 30 minute consultation.


Sessions are 2 hours in duration, and may incorporate energy medicine modalities; $150

Meetings via Zoom; 1 hr $70

For rapid transformation, consider a 4-week program, designed to meet you where you are - whether you are just starting your mindfulness journey, or your intuition brought you here to learn more. The most successful are those who commit to themselves and the work - it is highly recommended sessions be scheduled 7-10 days apart. Different levels of support are available with the option of adding text or email support between sessions. Packages are priced accordingly. 

Be sure to visit the Workshops and Training page for more options.  

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